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Daisypath Vacation tickers

Monday, May 30, 2011


Hello monday guys..why i said blues bored and burden????

Monday Blues ----its happen when you sick and you are always having a bad day on monday. example today i'm sick not feeling well and feel want stay on my comfy bed and sleep...(always think bagusnya kalau tak bekerja) hehehe..

Bored Monday...yeah i'm really bored..too bored stuck here more than 3 years...feel like in cell..hehehe..stuck being at same site, doing the unpromising work repeatedly sometime makes oneself bored. At the moment, there's nothing much that I can do except counting the days. I'm not the kind of person who likes to go out patrolling the streets without any purpose. Maybe because of the hot weather or there are not many interesting places to hop around. Meantime, all of my friends are not back yet, so semua activities terbantut. and the most worst having my morning coffe alone..feel like an alien if u walk alone..(sigh)
At the meantime while waiting for everything to get back us usual, I always channelled Youtube searching for the latest Korean Drama. Apalagi untuk menghilangkan rasa boring ni tengok wayanglah cerita Hotelier. One of the top heat Korean drama series at the moment. (feel want take hotel management course)
Monday Burden????why burden??hahaha..i think its not burden just because of the laziness of me thats why i think its burden..burden burden like a big stone i carry on my shoulder...


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