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Monday, May 30, 2011

30 Random Things About Me

30 Random things about me : 

1. I chew my ice-cream.
2. Cold shower freaks me out.
3. I love my year..(^-^)..
4. I think i'm funny, but unfortunately lots of people agree that my sense of humor is rather dry.
5. I'm not eager to treat people well unless they treat me well first.
6. Sometimes is till write songs and poems.
7. I like to eat and write stuff.
8. I'm a bit disorganized.
9. I start eating unnecessary food whenever i'm under a lot of stress.
10. I dont like being lectured by people who don't even know me well.
11. I hate people who think they know me more than i know myself.
12. I can be very defensive.
13. Katherine used to be my imaginary friend only. Now she's real.
14. I always like to celebrate my birthday a day after.
15. I'm very ambitious person.
16. Most people mistook my low self-esteem for pride.
17. I keep reminding myself to stay positive every time i feel down.
18. When people offends me, I tell them straight to their face.
19. I don't like pretending, with me what you see is what you get.
20. My way of thinking can be very weird, random and jumpy sometimes.
21. My diet won't last more than a month. I love to eat yummy food too much.
22. I love my family more than everthg.
23. Beware when my moody come...
24. My mouth more dangerous than M-16 when i'm angry.
25. I'm easily touch when it comes to love movies.
26. I slack off a lot at work, but i'll get things done on time and accurate, most at the time.
27. I take full responsibility for every my decision i make.
28. I learn a lot good things ( from friends, relatives, strangers, enemy, email, books) and i'm serious about keeping it up in the way i lead my life so i can be a better person.
29. I won't tag all 30 people for this. I think it's just ridiculous!!!


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